IT has high potential in terms of employment and revenue generation. The IT manufacturing sector is growing at an average rate of 28-30% annually over the past decade. Software industry continues to contribute a major portion of Indian IT industry’s revenues. According to the IT vision of Govt. of India, the expected level of this by the
end of year 2007-08 is expected to reach US$ 80 billion.

With the dedicated and adroit employees at DIRECTION INFOSYSTEMS, it has been adept in assisting the growth of the nation in the field of Information Technology. DIRECTION INFOSYSTEMS with its vision of quality and innovation has been successful in catering the needs of those who seek our assistance in following areas of IT enabled

  1. Software Solutions
  2. Web Solutions
  3. Graphic & Multimedia Solutions
  4. Networking Solutions
  5. Quality Assurance & Testing
  6. Application Maintenance & Support
  7. Turnkey Solutions
  8. Offshore development

Solutions has developed a number of products and MIS applications for its clients in this service. Our mature software development processes, combined with excellent infrastructure have significantly increased the “on-time and on-budget” delivery of software in the offshore mode. We use a highly effective IMPACT Methodology for offshore and distributed software development. Our services begin from analysis, moving through designing, development, testing and implementation to maintenance. Our applications come in all sizes, be it a one-table database, or a massive client-server application. The creation of complete database applications is yet another field that we specialize in.

We offer:

1. Application Development

Ø Interactive Application Development
Ø Custom Application Development/ Maintenance ØMIS and ERP Solutions & Support

2. Re-engineering

Application Development Interactive Application Development

Interactive Application Development (iAD) is about harmonizing art with technology. This business division of DIRECTION INFOSYSTEMS Software Solution complements the client’s requirement of online and desktop applications – be it a workgroup solution or mailing platform. It adds a further arc to the circle of ‘Net Totality’.

A strong team of software professionals empowers the application development capability at JAD, DIRECTION INFOSYSTEMS Software Solutions. The applications developed range from Web-stores, online service retailing to enterprise information systems.

Our competencies in .Net technologies, ASP, XML, PHP and C/C++ are demonstrated in various network-based applications. SQL/ Oracle database engines support most of these applications.

Custom Application Development/ Maintenance

It is a well known fact that some of
the ready-made, packaged applications have failed to meet the requirements of the customers because of their unique needs and differing business practices and processes. In addition, prohibitive cost of implementing a packaged application and the maintenance thereafter becomes an unwelcome perspective. 
We have experienced I.T. Consultants for Project analysis, formulation and concept planning, right up to project management and installation. We develop customized Software that is completely based on user’s requirement with GUI (graphical user- friendly interface) on any of the mentioned platform / languages.

MIS and ERP Solutions & Support

We offer customized low cost solutions to industries based on open standards, contemporary technologies and maintenance support. While incorporating the best of business practices, we do take special care of the customer requirements. ERP Solutions include the development of software in a distributed model, with some phases of the project being conducted onsite and others being conducted offshore. Each phase is uniquely defined and executed. After unit, and system testing the product is then sent to the client for acceptance testing. We have satisfied customers find the solutions user- friendly, flexible, and comprehensive 

2. Reengineering

Reengineering Business Reengineering is on the agenda of many companies in different industries. Striving to improve business processes to better meet customer requirements, Business Reengineering initiatives aim at revolutionizing key performance criteria, such as cost, delivery, and quality. As this is a top management issue we ensure that the structure, the work-place contents, the information technology in use and the culture of the organization will successfully assimilate the improved processes.

To tackle with hard and soft barriers and make the reengineering process a success we make sure that following steps are taken in each project:

  • Diagnosing resistance to change 
  • Managing individual change
  • Coaching tools and techniques for helping employees navigate the change process
  • Implement work teams and case managers extensively throughout the organization. 
  • We believe creative thinking cannot be replaced with software tools and stay away from over-sophistication
  • Build learning, renewal, and short feedback loops into business processes.


Web Solutions 

DIRECTION INFOSYSTEMS provides web solutions & services to help customer reach to a wider customer base. The web is a new and different medium for communication and requires a different viewpoint and skill set to use it in the most effective way. You need web consulting to get more return on your investment in your web site. We can help you get the most effective solution through:

     •  Website Development 

     •  Web Multimedia

      Intranet Development

     • Web Promotion  

     Web hosting



Website Development

Websites can enhance awareness of
your brand, leading to more sales. Build relationships with customers, vendors, and shareholders through your online identity get more traffic from the search engines. Get more traffic from the search engines, fast loading web pages with excellent navigation and designing, communicate more effectively.

Either you are looking for Dynamic site or a static site is your solution we can help you acquire both. We offer web sites on flash, asp, phpwhich are tailor made to target your customers and make your presence live on web.

Web Multimedia

Add video on your web site or have a complete flash web site and see your popularity ranking high.

Web Promotion

We can promote your site to acquire more traffic, more enquiries, more leads, and more value. Web Promotion is a three phase process and we are your companion to see you through all the phases and that too very well. We get your site listed at the most popular Internet directories because they can send you substantial amounts of traffic and affect you’re ranking in various search engines. Email marketing is a great way to promote your electronic Shop to buyers- including those who are interested in your shop but have not purchased items from you in the past.

Search Engine Optimization- your website doesn’t mean anything to anyone unless it can be found by your customers. Phase two in Web Promotion is optimizing your site so it appears high in the search engines and uses them to bring even more people to your pages. Our Web development and Promotion methodology, caters to the best of breed processes which helps in a successful on-time and above expected delivery.

 Phase three ensures that your site attracts even more traffic for which our experts go over techniques like reciprocal links, email signatures, newsletter articles and more.

Web hosting

We provide service to host your own
website, and users with online systems for storing information, images, video, or other content accessible via the World Wide Web. We offer 10 MB, 50 MB, 200 MB web hosting. We also offer custom web hosting as per your requirements. File Hosting Service: Host your static content, typically large files that are not web pages.


We offer e-commerce services in custom-built solutions as well as packaged software customizations and implementations. This helps customers to heave their business from point of sale implementation and go global. Our competent management team, good post-sales services, well-organized business structure, network infrastructure and a secured, well-designed website will ensure ripe results on your investment.

Graphic & Multimedia Solutions 

Each Client is different with his own ideology and vision, so should be his designs. Having done more than 200 design solutions, we lend our services for:

Logos, Brochures, Advertisements, Corporate Profile Presentation, Product Catalogue, Training/ Tutorials Presentation, 2D-3D Animation and Walkthrough.

Networking Solutions

Solutions can network your computers together by peer-to- peer or using a server-based network and connect you to the Internet. We will help you secure a domain name, locate an Internet service provider, and configure your network for T1-T3, Dialup, DSL, Cable or connection sharing. We can establish remote access setups, which will help an employee, stay in touch with the workplace, irrespective of the geographical location.

We offer following networking services:

  • Preparation of Network Architecture (Network protocol, Backbone at twisted wire, cable or optical fiber, Net topology, Hub/Switches, Conceptual Diagram etc).
  • LAN/ WAN set-up.
  • Corporate Intranets
  • Network Administration.
  • Windows
    NT/ Novell Netware/ UNIX/ Linux Server support.
  • IIS Support and ORACLE/ SQL Server administration.

Quality Assurance & Testing

All the software solutions developed undergo following cycle of testing:

Requirements Analysis:

Testing begins in the requirements phase of the software development life cycle.

Design Analysis:

During the design phase, testers work with developers in determining what aspects of a design are testable and under what parameter those tests work.

Test Planning:

Test Strategy, Test Plan(s), and Test Bed creation.


Test Procedures, Test Scenarios, and Test Cases & Test Scripts to use in testing software.

Test Execution:

Testers execute the software based on the plans and tests and report any errors found to the development team.

Test Reporting:

Once testing is completed, testers generate metrics and make final reports on their test effort and whether or not the software tested is ready for release.

Retesting the Defects

In this cycle applications are passed through following levels of testing:

  • Component testing tests the minimal software item that can be tested.
  • Component integration testing exposes defects in the interfaces and interaction between integrated components.
  • System testing tests an integrated system to verify that it meets its requirements.
  • Acceptance testing allows the end-user or customer to decide whether or not to accept the product.
  • After modifying software, either for a change in functionality or to fix defects, a regression test re-runs previously passed tests on the modified software to ensure that the modifications haven’t unintentionally caused a regression of previous functionality.

Application Maintenance &

We have years of experience in executing maintenance projects. Our team of experienced consultants has been successfully managing maintenance projects of local clients as well as offshore ones.

The quality of product deployment, training and support has everything to do with customer success and satisfaction. We offer annual maintenance plans which are tailor-made as per the client’s requirement. If required we depute technical team which works at the client site for the system execution or support as per requirement.

Our clientele includes Government organizations as well. We ensure maximum return on investment to the customer as we provide complete off- site telephone support in the form of consultations, assistance and advice on the use and maintenance of the Licensed Software. Our experts’ providing technical assistance and advice for problem diagnosis and resolution, have gained us admirer world over.

We also offer on-site service calls to Customer’s facility. In such cases, our consulting charges are subject to service hour charge, plus reasonable travel and out-of-pocket expenses.

Turnkey Solutions

DIRECTION INFOSYSTEMS Software Solutions takes up projects under this service for a fixed price and takes all responsibility of execution and project management. These solutions are ideally suited for projects that are fairly well specified and require well-defined interfacing with the client. We have developed a number of products and MIS applications for its clients in this service. DIRECTION INFOSYSTEMS Software Solution’s mature software development processes, combined with excellent infrastructure have significantly increased the “on-time and on- budget” delivery of software in the offshore mode. We use a highly effective IMPACT Methodology for offshore and distributed software development.

Offshore Development

To get the best IT solutions, you don’t need to be geographically near us. That’s because we offer quality offshore development center. Our offshore software solutions in application development and web site development guarantee cost savings without the need to compromise on either speed or quality. Our 100% customer retention rates speaks for our quality, swift response and cost effectiveness that has fetched us a large number of clients from all parts of the world. These all feathers to our work make us a preferred offshore development house.